Justin Bieber: Ferrari announces it won’t sell more cars to the singer

Justin Bieber: Ferrari announces it won’t sell more cars to the singer

Canadian Justin Bieber got a penalty from the Italian house of exclusive cars, Ferrari, for painting the 458 Italia neon blue. This is taking into account that the company requires a standard of use and maintenance for all owners of cars of its brand.

For example, they are prohibited from selling the car during the first year of their ownership. In the event that this is desired, the Italian brand of the bodywork must be notified of this in advance.

Before he painted the car without prior notice, the “Peaches” singer had already been exposed to various works deemed unsuitable for Ferrari. In 2016, for example, he left his car in a parking lot for two weeks.

In addition, according to British media outlet ‘The Times’, the car has been auctioned for a charity event, a behavior that is prohibited under any circumstances by Ferrari. The newspaper also reported that Bieber had put unapproved fenders and wheels on his 458 Italia in the past.

The most dangerous thing is that Bieber had two traffic accidents while driving his car.

It should be noted that the Italian house requires a code of conduct from all owners to maintain the prestige of the brand, so all the crimes committed by the Canadian mean that he is forbidden to buy another car of the brand.

Other celebrities who have been banned from buying Ferrari products include Nicolas Cage, rapper 50 Cent and Kim Kardashian, precisely for breaking the brand’s strict code of conduct.

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