Kate del Castillo reappears in an ultra-thin beach paradise and is compared to Laura Pozo

Kate del Castillo reappears in an ultra-thin beach paradise and is compared to Laura Pozo

Although the actress wore revealing swimwear, followers did not stop criticizing the amazing transformation of her body, and some confirmed that she has got bigger teeth.

“There are times when life is so beautiful. #pause.” This was the message that actress Kate del Castillo shared a series of photos where she is seen enjoying Paradise Beach.

The “La Reina del Sur” actress showed off her coordinated figure with a neon bikini, very seasonal. Unfortunately, the photos were not well received by all the followers because Kate looked completely different to them.

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Illustrative, non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CQeO1GerNHh/

In addition to making her see that she is too skinny, some have hinted that she has had bigger teeth and have even compared her to Laura Pozzo.

“Looks like Laura Pozzo,” “What happened to the navel,” isn’t Kate, and if it was her, she had surgery, put her teeth in, she has a different body,” and those big teeth? She didn’t have such “and only the face makes her change, because the body belongs to Laura Pozzo,” were some of the criticisms Kate received.

Illustrative, non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CQeO1GerNHh/

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And while he received compliments, there were also those who asked him not to lose weight anymore. “So skinny, where was that wonderful body,” “You are beautiful, best actress, but you are so skinny. Take care,” and “Eat, my friend, you are skinny,” were some of the calls for attention made by his followers.

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At 48 years old, Kate has proven that she is a woman who is very committed to her physical training. In fact, she was surprised to reveal her intense routine as she prepares for her return to the small screen with her memorable role as Teresa Mendoza.

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