Kate del Castillo records La Reina del Sur in MACHU PICCHU and gets drunk!: VIDEO

Kate del Castillo records La Reina del Sur in MACHU PICCHU and gets drunk!: VIDEO

Kate del Castillo enjoying life And his profession in parallel, with the same feelings between one thing and another and always ready to be surprised by the new experiences that life offers him. This is made clear again by the recent recordings of The third season of “The Queen of the South”Now it’s time to record images into a file The most special place in the world: Machu Picchu.

Very excited to have the opportunity to accomplish something of this magnitude, Kate del Castillo Share photos of his tour Cusco and Machu Picchu regions, in addition to the private celebration that she and production chain Carried out in the transport that transported them to Archaeological site.

Recorded by Kate del Castillo at Machu Picchu

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo was deeply touched and grateful Because he had the possibility to register in Archaeological ruins of Machu Picchu.

During the video that subscribed on instagram, And repeated on other social networking sites, Kate indicated that it was an unprecedented event since then Machu Picchu, as is well known, is usually a file Archaeological site visited by tourists In the interest of entertainment and appropriate measures for that, tourism.

But unlike what happened “Queen of the South”, eThis time he was visited by the production of the successful series to raise images in this place, with wonderful natural settings as a witness to the story of Teresa Mendoza.

They get drunk to celebrate the event

In addition to the above, Kate was very grateful to APeruvian and Machu Picchu authorities to provide them with the facility to register on this website.

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To wrap up the occasion, Kate demonstrated the excellent atmosphere she is in and the production that, On trucks and trains, I enjoyed every moment of the trip.

In the same way, he showed pictures of the area and how they worked there.

The moment ended with the admission that they drank at this celebration to enjoy even more the memory. Of course he referred to it in a certain way They drank with joy and experiences, with beauty and More to work in such a place.

Here is the video where Kate del Castillo expresses all about her Machu Picchu experience for “La Reina del Sur”.

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