Keylor Navas responds to Costa Rica’s invitation to face Honduras due to a warning from PSG players – Diez

Keylor Navas responds to Costa Rica’s invitation to face Honduras due to a warning from PSG players – Diez

Keylor Navas He did not respond to Costa Rica’s call to schedule FIFA’s November date for matches against Canada and Honduras due to an alleged elbow injury.

And Keylor Navas? The 11 that Luis Fernando Suarez will attend against Honduras

PSG issued a statement and Tico will not come, but everything has changed abruptly and the goalkeeper will respond to Luis Fernando Suarez’s call for the match against Honduras on November 16.

Navas traveled to join his teammates and prepare for the match against Bicolor, as Costa Rica must win to continue their aspirations to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

This is how the four matches of the eighth day of the CONCACAF Qualifiers will be played

From ESPN, Jorge Ramos and his band, Hernan Pereira, told why Keylor had responded to Luis Fernando Suarez’s call despite their injury.

The journalist said he was very clear about this: “From CONMEBOL they marked the field for Keylor Navas.”

“They tag Keylor Navas, yeah, they tag it, but they didn’t put it in Costa Rica, they didn’t put it in Central America, it went unnoticed from CONCACAF, it was identified from CONMEBOL.”

“Who is CONMEBOL?” , the other journalists of the program consulted Jorge Ramos and his band: “Yes, Navas, listen to me carefully, they told him. Do you pretend that you are injured and stay in France and we are wounded, you will play for our country? You leave us so badly in Paris Saint-Germain. Let them get used to giving up. About us when we have matches and we have to travel to support our teammates, when you get injured you have to travel the same way, we gave you support when Donnarumma arrived, but you let us down in this matter.”

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Pereira added: “With PSG you’re doing really well, but we also travel injured, so we’re all together, right? Look at the PM who didn’t want to loan players and she’ll leave you in this game, that’s for whatever little thing hurts you.” “.

How many tickets and what requirements do you have to meet to attend the Costa Rica vs Honduras match?

Jorge Ramos asks, “So you have to name this, Messi, Di Maria, Neymar and Marquinhos, that’s what it is?” , they answered, “I see that you are a clever man, and from there came the name Navas,” he shut up.

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