Kim Kardashian has already met Pete Davidson’s mother

Kim Kardashian has already met Pete Davidson’s mother

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An important night they lived Kim kardashian s Pete Davidson. While it’s not the first time they’ve seen together in public, Their last movie outing and subsequent dinner included another step to solidify their relationship.

He was a comedian and founder of Skims Staten Island To have dinner and enjoy a movie in which they closed the theater they attended. But the trip to this New York neighborhood also had another goal: that Kim Kardashian met Pete Davidson’s mother.

History became the official introduction of celebrity and Amy Davidson. A meeting that Kanye West herself had planned. Pete Davidson is very close to his mother and sister, with whom he lived in Staten Island, a residence he left in 2019.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson date night with friends

After meeting Pete Davidson’s mother, the couple went to see a movie, Then go eat at Angelina’s restaurant. At this dinner they haven’t been alone since then They were accompanied by Scott Disick and some of his friends.

The latest public tour for Kim Kardashian and the comedian comes as the actor takes a break from “Saturday Night Live,” a product of the novel coronavirus outbreak. The decision added to the fact that he canceled some live shows, so he had free time to devote to his relationship.

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