Kim Kardashian hosts the SNL show

Kim Kardashian hosts the SNL show

once again Famous socialist, Model and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian Saturday made a little joke about running Knit Live or Aga SNL, Said somewhat nervously that the conduct of the show was somewhat easy.

This October 9 Kim Kardashian He will be the special guest on the show to host it when Adele reappears in front of the cameras wearing her spectacular figure.

As usual, special guests do promotions for the show, where you can find out who the special guests are in their case.

One of the interesting things that happened in her first presentation was that she mentioned that SNL hosting is very “simple and easy” and of course she was very nervous when she mentioned it.

Although this is not the first time he has appeared in the audience presence or as a special guest on the show, it seems that this time he will appear throughout the show regularly watching some comedy scenes.

Kim Kardashian hosts SNL show and makes fun of Instagram Kim Kardashian

Another person invited to participate in the show was the translator of the song “Close” next to the beautiful singer “Chainsmokers”. Holsey, Like Celly Strong who is a part of the SNL cast.

In the clip where Klose Kardashian’s older sister appeared, she could not smile nervously, but despite this we knew she would do a better role during the long comedy series.

It may be a little hard for her because her figure is combined with glamor, elegance and seriousness, and it might be a little fun to look at her during tonight’s show. Independent territory.

During the appearance of the two guests, singer Sicily Strong asked if the fact that she had to make humorous sketches on her page would complicate matters, to which the businessman and the owner of KKW Beauty responded that she should write the sketches.

When they told him he didn’t, he asked if he wanted to learn some lines again, to which Holsey replied no because they would have reference cards.

Regular and common Kim KardashianShe asked if anyone other than herself would be more beautiful, to which they both replied that it was not possible, and only then would she say that everything would be so much easier.

Click here If you want to watch the video.

From the moment he was announced as a participant in this project, some internet users started criticizing him.

They will be most surprised when they appear in the West at 11pm tonight, which lasts 90 minutes and so far has 47 seasons with 909 episodes.

Beautiful businessman and fans of the model will be eagerly waiting to know how he will participate in the comedy and comedy of the show, we can be pleasantly surprised.

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