Kim Kardashian Slammed by Kiss Singer for Saying ‘Nobody Wants to Work’

Kim Kardashian Slammed by Kiss Singer for Saying ‘Nobody Wants to Work’

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during the week, Kim kardashian She was heavily questioned about her statements in an interview with her mother and sisters for Variety. The celebrity and his family are in a complete upgrade of what will be TV returns with the premiere of “The Kardashians”. That is why they talked about various topics with the American media.

One of them was her relationship with Pete Davidson, but What attracted the most attention was a strange advice he gave women entrepreneurs and their businesses. “Get your fucking ass and work. Nobody seems to want to work these days.”Kim Kardashian, endorsing her sister Kourtney Kardashian, said, Who was described by her family as a person who does not like to work. Former Kanye West added, “You have to deal with people who want to work. Have a good work environment.”

This advice did not go unnoticed on social networks, where it was heavily criticized. In addition, many Kardashian followers have maintained that the founder of Skims has always been someone with the money.

Case Paul Stanley criticizes Kim Kardashian: ‘I was born rich’

The voice of Kiss, Paul Stanley, was added to this critique, who via his Twitter account sent a message to partner Pete Davidson: “Kim, you were born rich.”

Music books: “The irony here would be funny if it weren’t an insult to the millions of women who struggle to bring food to the table while fighting a system of inequality and inequality.”

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Within days of this controversial statement, Kim Kardashian did something all of her followers had been waiting for: confirming her relationship with the “SNL” comedian on Instagram. The celebrity uploaded two photos with her partner, which he did Understood in social networks as a way to distract Of his questionable words.

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