Know How to Buy Wedding Rings : The Complete Guide

You have got your engagement ring, now it’s time to buy the perfect wedding ring to go along with it. Wedding rings are an integral part of a marriage ceremony and the ultimate symbol of commitment between two people.

When buying a wedding ring, the approach is quite different to an engagement ring. Most couples buy their wedding ring together and there is no element of surprise attached to this. It is a sensible, practical decision that is made by both parties. What’s more, often it is the most important piece of jewelry that you both will buy together and is an exhibition of your love, style, personality and values.

Wedding rings come in a variety of designs, shapes, widths, and sizes, ranging from conventional gold to elegant platinum, from plain to eye-catching diamonds. Here is the ultimate guide with everything you need to know about choosing your perfect ring for your big day.

Choose the Profile of  Your Wedding Ring

One of the main things to know before buying your wedding ring is the type of profile you want. There are a large number of styles, including courtyards, flat courts, D-shaped profiles and pumped-up profiles. It is important to think about the form you want to wear the most, and which style will best suits you when choosing your ring profile. It is also important to think how, if you wear one, your wedding band will sit by your ring.

Pick Precious Metal of Your Choice

One of the most important decisions that wedding ring buyers must make is which precious metal they want to adorn their finger with. Yellow gold and white gold were the most common metals for decades, but in recent years, other metals, such as rose gold and platinum, have become more popular.

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If you have an engagement ring, it is important to consider which metal would look better with it. You will also want to make sure your engagement and wedding diamond rings are made of the same metal grade to maintain their consistency.

  • One of the most common band types is yellow gold, which is both classic and This polished style has a superior, trendy finish with a warm golden glow. Yellow gold wedding bands are not only timeless in appearance, but they are also simple to scale and maintain. They can be professionally washed and polished as time passes to keep them looking as good as new. White gold with its superior finish is a classic pick. White gold wedding rings are made by combining yellow gold with a white metal alloy, such as silver or platinum.
  • Rose gold wedding rings are now becoming highly popular due to their romantic hue and blushing finish. Rose gold is a delicate, rosy-pink colour produced by combining yellow gold and copper. Furthermore, since rose gold does not tarnish over time, it needs little to no maintenance.
  • Platinum, being a rare metal is an enviably luxurious choice for wedding rings. Platinum provides a timeless finish for any wedding band with its natural, bright-white colour. Platinum is thirty times rarer than gold, making it one of the most valuable precious metals available. It is also extremely tough and long-lasting, with a naturally bright finish that won’t tarnish over time.

Customize Your Wedding Ring

There is a wedding ring for everyone’s taste. The possibilities for customized wedding rings are infinite, from gemstones and diamond sets to engraved notes. A collection of classic diamonds can be added to your wedding rings to signify the eternal bond between you and your loved one. Eternity wedding rings have a collection of perfectly matched diamonds that encircle the ring in a continuous circle. Depending on your preferences, you can select between a half set of diamonds that covers half the ring and a complete set of diamonds that covers the whole ring.

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Final Thoughts on Wedding Rings

To choose the perfect wedding ring, consider what fits her personality best. Your significant other may prefer a particular colour of precious metal (yellow, white, or rose), or a specific type of metal (gold, platinum, or palladium). Observe what jewelry she typically wears for clues. Platinum and white gold are both silvery-white and more or less identical in hue. For a superior golden look, pick yellow gold. For a rose or pink hue, choose rose gold for your wedding ring.

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