Kobe climbs Everest, the highest point on Earth

Kobe climbs Everest, the highest point on Earth

Yandy Núñez could become the first Cuban to achieve the feat of climbing the highest peak on the planet. A mountain climber is in the process of acclimatization, as he prepares to climb an altitude.

In this way, Núñez showed his followers on social networks his time at Everest Base Camp, Ascent Himalayas. Likewise, the Cuban said that the flag of his homeland and the flag of Iceland are always with him in the tent.

In a video circulating on digital platforms, the interior of his shop is shown, a small space in which the sleeping bag protrudes. Despite the small size of the site, it has the basic conditions to survive the low temperatures of Everest.

The Cuban tour continued last Wednesday with an ascent to the Lobuche High Camp, which is about 6111 meters high.

How is this practice done?

Every year, precisely in the spring, hundreds of climbers from all latitudes arrive at the Everest Base Camps.

The goal is nothing but to reach the top and put your flag on top; However, not everyone achieved this feat. There is a very important aspect when attempting this goal.

It’s about when and how you use it; Because it is necessary to do it smartly. Since you have to adjust to the altitude, the weather conditions and set the clocks for convenience. Likewise, the ascent logistical issues must be organized and psychologically and physically prepared to continue the ascent despite the bad weather.

For his part, Cuban Yandy Nunez is not new to this practice. He already tried in 2021 when he had to abandon the expedition. The reason was that he had COVID-19, which is why he was hospitalized.

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The biggest dream of this climber is to reach the summit of Everest. However, other important peaks such as Aconcagua in Argentina, Mexico’s Iztaccihual and Russia’s Elbrus feature in the list of winners.

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