Kylie Jenner Shines Along With Travis Scott, Stephanie Caillou Captures Maxi Iglesias And More Entertainment News nndc Celebrities | Offers

Kylie Jenner Shines Along With Travis Scott, Stephanie Caillou Captures Maxi Iglesias And More Entertainment News nndc Celebrities |  Offers

Today, Wednesday, June 16, the day of the entertainment world, was marked by the possibility of reconciliation between celebrities. While He reappeared with rapper Travis Scott at a public event, and Tini Stossel and Sebastian Yatra sounded “friend” alarms.

Additionally, actress Stephanie Caillou has been arrested with Maxi Iglesias. According to “Hello!” The actors were going to cement their relationship while filming Backpackers.

Kylie Jenner poses with Travis Scott at a public event حدث

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have maintained a friendly relationship with their young daughter Stormi since they ended their relationship in 2019. Now, they have brought back rumors of a possible reconciliation with their recent appearance in the international press.

And on June 15, rapper Scott received an honor at the annual Parsons Benefit in New York, where he and five lucky people were honored for their contributions to the worlds of design, the arts, sustainability and justice. social.

The 29-year-old star arrived at the event accompanied by her youngest daughter, Stormi, and mother of influencer Kylie Jenner.

Kylie and Travis They seemed very close and did not hesitate to appear together, which sparked rumors of a possible love reconciliation.

Tini Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra turn on ‘friend’ alarms

The singers had a romantic relationship for about a year. However, distance and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic caused their love to fall apart. After several months of estrangement between them, speculation began about a possible reconciliation between Tinny and Sebastian.

As revealed by Vicky Braier, better known as “Juariu” or “Famous Detective” in the Instagram world, the singers are currently in Miami, possibly staying at the same hotel.

“Tiny, our Tinny, will you be with Yatra? I chose to believe. I started noticing two things and they both uploaded pictures so closely, that they would not be seen in the place,” ‘Juariu’ commented on the videos Tini and Sebastián uploaded to their Instagram Stories.

Stephanie Caillou and Maxi Iglesias have been emotionally arrested

Magazine “Hello!” post pictures Stephanie Caillou and Maxi Iglesias They are seen together, cuddled and in loving attitude walking the streets of Málaga, Spain, as the actors arrived to promote “Backpackers”, the movie they shot together in Peru.

The actors together went to the Malaga Festival to present the film; However, each one showed himself by his side.

Recently, the actress announced her separation from Chad Campbell. Everything seems to indicate that the youngest of the sisters Caillou You want to rebuild your life.

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