Kyrie Irving apologizes after he pulled the net

Kyrie Irving apologizes after he pulled the net

TheAfter being criticized from all sides, NBA Finally, he split for five games from the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving apologize for controversy After broadcasting a documentary film – inspired by a book – with strong anti-Semitic convictions He did not change his words after what happened.

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“I have published a documentary with some anti-Semitic narratives, languages ​​and facts. It is false and offensive to the Jewish race and religion, and I take full responsibility for my actions. I am grateful to have such a great platform to share knowledge and I want to learn more and grow afterward,” admitted Keri Irving After what happened with the spread of ‘Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America’ on their social networks.

“To all the affected and affected Jewish families and communities, I am deeply sorry and apologetic. I did not initially consider the pain caused by these anti-Semitic acts rather than focus In the context of my Jewish brothers and sisters pointing out the error in the documentary,” the Australian-rooted rule added.

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“I have no intention of disrespecting Jewish history remembers the Holocaust or perpetuates hatred. Learn from this unfortunate fact And I hope we can understand each other,” he said, also referring to situations that are being repeated more and more It was denounced by organizations such as the FBI, as increased attacks on synagogues.

Irving, finished with one of his vague sentences. The window “11” concluded, “I seek truth and knowledge. I know who I am.” Suspended and sealed.

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