La Diosa poses topless in Miami after undergoing cosmetic surgery

La Diosa poses topless in Miami after undergoing cosmetic surgery

La Diosa flaunts her new topless curves during a photo shoot in Miami.

Cuban singer La Diosa recently caught the eye of the hurricane after showing off her new curves in a photo shoot in Miami. The artist, who recently underwent cosmetic surgery to improve her figure, did not hesitate to show the results on social networks.

La Diosa finds herself in a new chapter of her life after moving from Cuba to Miami and is willing to be completely candid with her fans about her transformation process.

in your account instagramShe has shared pictures of her photo shoot where she is wearing different looks and in one of them, she is posing topless.

In the photo, Devi covers her breasts with her bright green hair and smiles for the camera. He wears only yellow pants and his lips are painted in a similar tone to his hair.

For the photo session, La Diosa enlisted the help of Yoel Calvo, a model, influencer and fashionista who shared a photo and video of the session on her Instagram account.

La Diosa’s followers could not resist commenting on the publications, dedicating praise and admiration to the artist. “What a transformation, so beautiful”, “God is a killer”, “Wow, Goddess’s huge body”, were some of her comments.

Devi has shown that she is more confident and happy than ever with her new look and is ready to share her transformation with her fans. What do you think of her decision to show off her new figure topless?

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