La Liendra Instagram account closed: video reaction | outside football

La Liendra Instagram account closed: video reaction |  outside football

Mauricio Gomez, better known as “La Lindra”, confirmed to his followers via a video clip that his Instagram account had been suspended “for no reason”.

Through an alternate account, the content creator told his followers what happened on Friday: “A lot of people have written to me that my Instagram account is not showing up, that what happened and the fact that I ask myself the same question. Unfortunately I came to tell you that they closed my account. If you go to look for it and update it. You see I’m not leaving. I don’t have a logical explanation or anything. I logged into my account like every day they take me out, they told me they closed it and that’s it.”

“Who did it? I don’t know, they are still invalid. I know I always do things for good, without hurting anyone. I leave this in God’s hands and I have great faith that we will return it, transfer contacts because you know that Instagram for me is not a social network But my life,” he added.

This Saturday, “La Liendra” reappeared and told a little bit about how his account recovery has progressed…

“Today they tell me if I get the account back, if it’s lost,” he confirmed. Likewise, he left a message for all those people, even his acquaintances, who were “happy” with the problem he had with Instagram.

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