“Last time I looked I didn’t have my numbers.”

“Last time I looked I didn’t have my numbers.”

TSeason after season, there is a struggle between the best players in the world and their place in history. What is the title and what is known as the culture of the ring means winning several or transcending the sport. In this category, without a doubt, is Stephen Curry after switching to long-distance basketball with his team, the Golden State Warriors.

With Curry there is already legitimate doubt about his state in the big picture. The best of his time? What place does it hold in history? For now, in his starting position, he gets the credit Four NBA Championship titles, two regular season MVPs including a unanimous award and one Finals berth two years ago against the Boston Celtics.

Which do you serve? Its most dangerous competitor in this classification, Magic Johnson, no. The Lakers legend is something else More old school geniuses defending their followers against new preachers. “Last time I checked, I didn’t have my numbers,” he said.

Last time I checked I didn’t have my numbers.

Magic Johnson

Magic listed his achievements, highlighting them as part of the best league on the planet. “If I had more than five championships, three Finals MVPs, three Finals MVPsHe said: “In addition to having the best goalkeeper in the history of the finals and the best four steals, he will be the best goalkeeper in history.”

What does Carrie think? What is known for sure is that he appreciates magic. When he had to choose his ideal quintet, it was Compatible with Laker legend, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Shaquille O’Neal. Of course, his career is still very much dormant and he will start over as a favorite for everything.

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