Learn about the JN-1 variant of Covid-19 and its effects

Learn about the JN-1 variant of Covid-19 and its effects

virus COVID-19 It has constantly changed since it was first announced, allowing new ones to be created. Variations As the latest are transmitted very quickly and efficiently JN-1.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of AmericaThis is new variation This is between 15 and 29% of the cases reported in the country till December 8, 2023.

It is believed that cases JN-1 variant Because, at present, it will continue to increase variation more development Inside America.

The JN-1 variant closely related to Variation BA.2.86that CDC Monitored since August 2023, the spike differs by only one molecule in the protein.

Mode of spread

Health authorities America The data collected till date suggests that JN-1 variant of COVID-19 Or it is more pervasive or more effective at avoiding us Immune system.

The CDC They caution that this doesn’t mean it’s old danger For people’s health compared to others Variations That too is in circulation, or at least, so far, there is no evidence of it.

There is faith in Antibiotics Updated to protect against these new Covid surges variation.


The CDC No new evidence was presented JN-1 variant Production symptoms Different from others Variations is known. Generally, these are the same: sore throat, congestion, cough, sneezing, headache, muscle pain and loss of smell.

“Its types symptoms And his Gravity They usually depend on more than just a person’s immunity and general health variation It is infectious,” they were quoted as saying in their latest update on the virus, published on December 8.

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They warn that it is fast officer of cases JN-1 compared to others Variations and vice versaVariations May cause a gradual increase Infections All over the world.

Maintained by RD monitoring

“We are vigilant. Covid is constantly evolving and recently, America Already newly identified Variations. We are constantly doing genetic sequencing and we are one of the few countries that can act quickly if we have some changes,” explained Eladio Perez, Deputy Minister of Public Health.

About Improved vaccines for new covid strainsThe epidemiologist recalled that these biologics were not among the biologics provided by the Pan American Health Organization’s revolving fund, and therefore, negotiations with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer were brought directly to the country. Antibiotics Covid.

Deputy Minister Eladio Perez. (External source)

When questioned in the weekly meeting with the press Respiratory viruses The doctor said after making 2,582 last week, usually on year-end dates Evidence22 cases COVID-19A total of 44 active cases in the country.

Off cold feverTill date, there were in the country Vaccinated 333,604 people, of whom 307,289 are adults.

News broke this Saturday that the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin A concert in Madrid, Spain, hit by a severe flu, was suspended and Milagros Ortiz Bosch, director general of ethics and government integrity, was admitted to a health center in Atlanta, Georgia after testing positive. COVID-19.

cases Mexico And Singapore

Mexican health officials have already confirmed the detection in the city Mexico The first coronavirus infection JN-1 variant.

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In the case Singaporecases COVID-19 According to the country’s health ministry, cases in the island nation, or at least those reported, rose to 32,000 in the week ending Dec. 2, up from 22,000 in the previous week.

“He officer Cases may be due to decreased immunity and many other factors officer Travel and contacts During year-end travel and holiday periods,” the health ministry said in a statement issued on December 8.

related cases JN-1 variantSubcategory BA.2.86 accounts for about 60% of the Covid cases Singapore. As a precaution, citizens have restarted it Use of masks.

In France Its rotation is also checked variation.

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