Lebanon: landslide victory in Cáceres (60-83)

Lebanon: landslide victory in Cáceres (60-83)

Movistar Estudiantes started the 2023-24 LEB Oro League in the Ciudad de Cáceres multi-purpose pavilion against the World Heritage Site Cáceres, where they appeared with the entire team, despite the fact that Michael Carrera was in the roster, but he did not make his debut for the team.collegeate club .

The first minutes of official league play came out: Wintering, Dee, Murphy, Rodriguez and Larsen. So start with Johnny D taking over the University FC offense (10-12 midway through the quarter). Rodríguez took over to put a plus-5 for Movistar Estudiantes on the scoreboard. Pedro Rivero changed to the cavalry and it was two three-pointers from Alonso that helped end the quarter with a ten-goal lead, 14-25.

The second quarter began with a hat-trick from Suarez and a 3+1 from Alonso (14-32). It took Caceres more than two minutes to score, but Pedro Rivero did not want to risk it, and when they were close to 17-32 on the scoreboard, he stopped the game. The break was useful, because after that the Extremaduran team were unable to stop the student club, leaving them partially 11-17 in 28-49 The score is in the middle of the match.

The university club repeated the five-pointer at the beginning of the second half. In a third room it was defined by the word “exchange” Which continued throughout the entire room. With Francis Alonso, of Movistar Estudiantes, who never let Caceres dream of getting close to the scoreboard. At the end of the third quarter, light was announced 46-68.

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In the last quarter, Extremaduran tried to adjust their defense to get closer to the scoreboard, but it was impossible for them. Movistar Estudiantes did not give up and the gap widened, bringing the difference to 25 points. Finally, Movistar Estudiantes achieved victory by 23 points, which was the final result 60-83.

A decisive victory leaves good feelings in the first match in the league. Next week, we will welcome Alimerica Oviedo, on Sunday 15th of this month, at 6:30 pm in the WiZink Center. Tickets are on sale now.


Movistar Students (25-24-19-15)

Wintering (10), Dee (6), Murphy (6), Rodriguez (13) and Larsen (3) – Starting five – Lemanis (4), Sola (2), Alonso (25), Suarez (6), Nzosa (4). ), Lopez (4) and Michael Carrera (did not play).

Complete statistics

Best player: Francis Alonso

Great performance from the Malaga striker with 25 points, 1 assist, 2 rebounds and a PIR of 27. It was very close Sergio Rodriguez With 13 points, 7 rebounds and 21 PIR.

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