Lenin Moreno resumes talks and now says he will not return to politics News

Lenin Moreno resumes talks and now says he will not return to politics  News

Within a week of his term expiring, the president spoke of his “accomplishments” in an interview. He explained about a sentence he said at an international meeting.

Eight days after his term expires on PresidencyAnd the Lenin Moreno And he renewed a message that he inherited a country with “corruption and lies in the economy and public accounts.”

On the night of May 16, Moreno participated in an interview on the channel TC TVWhere he made an assessment of his administration.

Lenin Moreno leaves with a list of unfulfilled promises and goals after four years in power in Ecuador

In it he insisted that after May 24, 2017, when he began his duties, he knew that he had acquired a “state without clear accounts.” “At that moment, I came across the real situation in Ecuador. A measure of corruption is in the economy and the public accounts.

Along these lines, he emphasized that The National Assembly He passed the Defense Dollarization Act.

“If there was no such law protecting the resources in the central bank, they would be left at the expense of any government, as the previous government did (to Rafael Correa), using funds that do not correspond to him,” he noted.

Although the outgoing government has proposed an anti-corruption law, analysts believe the “major surgery” offer has not been met.

In the context of his achievements, he highlighted the respect for the independence of state functions and “freedoms”. He said he did not interfere with justice.

He cited the 2018 People’s Consultation, which canceled the indefinite reelection of elected officials, and the transitional process with the assessment of state control powers conducted by the Transitional Council for Citizen Participation and Dissolved Social Oversight (CPCCS).

In addition, he referred to the FM Radio Frequency Allocation Competition, which was “transparent and honest,” and the reforms introduced to the Communication Law that “restored respect for freedom of expression”, because his government “did not in any way do anything.” Journalists and journalists.

And he talked about the fact that 1500 medical centers were restarted in that period, 141 community schools were rebuilt, 10,500 kilometers of road network were maintained, and about 150,000 homes were delivered, in free and joint payments.

The President presented the biggest achievement of his tenure, the creation of the largest social protection network in the country, which currently benefits more than six million Ecuadorians. Therefore, it hopes that the incoming administration will maintain this network and expand it if possible. “I see that there are very good intentions in the next government, and I am happy and I wish it every success,” he said.

He pointed out that one of the most important achievements is the organized and responsible administration of public finance and the renegotiation of debts with bondholders exempting more than 16,500 million dollars.

Lenin Moreno repeals the decree that granted pardons to perpetrators of genocide, torture and others for chronic diseases

When asked if he intends to return to politics, he said that he “never has to say,” but that his answer now is “He will never return to politics,” and that he will seek to resume his conversations and find a way to live before initiatives to withdraw the life pension from former presidents, which He considers it a reward for the corrupt because they have something to live on, while “people who did not steal will have a very bad time, because it would be very difficult for them to function basically if they were of an advanced age.”

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As part of his farewell message, he took the opportunity to illustrate an anecdote he told in Forum for the defense of democracyHeld in Coral Gables (Miami), on May 5.

At that meeting he said, “At some point someone told me, and told me directly, as people used to, I wish we had a better president. I told him: I wish I had a better town too.”

His statement left the attendees in silence for a few seconds, including former presidents of the province and a secretary Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro.

In this regard, he explained Sunday night: “I wish all the best in the world to my dear Ecuador; this is a wonderful country. When I spoke of better people, it was nothing but a dialectic that we need to implement; That every time we must improve as citizens and leaders“. (I)

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