Lenin Moreno splits with AP amid criticism of his internal leadership | Politics News

Lenin Moreno splits with AP amid criticism of his internal leadership |  Politics  News

The first president was currently the head of the movement, but the distance has already been defined since the beginning of his term.

The “divorce” was highlighted in the first six months of Lenin Moreno’s government, in 2017. The alienation from the leaders of Alianza Pais (Associated Press), Raphael Correa and Jorge Glass, who accused him of betraying the political project they had devised, led to internal divisions within the movement to the point that its followers had They have already defined themselves in two camps: the Koristas and the Morinistas.

This was the start of this internal rupture that was completed yesterday when Moreno filed a non-affiliation / resignation request from the AP, which brought him to power three times, twice as vice president of Korea, in 2007 and 2013, and his current presidential term. Which ends on May 24 this year.

Alianza PAIS has gone from being a political tool to being on the precipice, according to analysts

The first attempt to separate Moreno from the ranks of the group was in 2017 when he was fired under a national directive because he was “not performing his duties properly”.

In November of that year, the National Electoral Council (CNE) confirmed that the leadership, led by Moreno, was still in the vanguard of the movement. At the Seventh National Congress, in August 2018, in Guayaquil, Moreno was unanimously re-elected as the national head of the movement.

But criticism did not stop, not only from Corista’s wing, but also resentment among AP guerrillas for their apparent affinity with political groups or leaders not affiliated with them.

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Patricio Barega, AP’s second vice president and former vice presidential candidate, said they had mandated the Ethics Committee two weeks ago to respond to complaints and demands for strictness about irregularities, of a minor and serious nature, such as not attending. National leadership courses.

The CNE certified Lenin Moreno as the national head of Alianza PAIS

He said that Moreno was able at the time to “camouflage” because he shares certain AP principles and values, but in practice and in exercising power, he has taken a great distance in relation to his plan of action and the principles of the movement.

He added that Moreno’s decision was not surprising because his “audacious” behavior was not due to voluntary action, but rather a response to a disciplinary process and now the AP is looking for a reconfiguration.

According to Barega, Moreno’s behavior has been in question since last year, as there have been internal discussions on the government’s economic, international and social policy.

He added that as of May 2018 they saw a “rupture” in the government’s plan as a “sudden” decision to take an agenda more similar to that of the opposition, to split from Unasur, and to pursue a policy of advantage to the financial sectors, among other things.

Alianza PAIS re-elected Lenin as president and works in alliances

Zimina Peña, a former AP presidential candidate and member of the Ethics Committee, said Moreno’s leadership in the movement was a “card” because it was inconsistent with the organization’s political and economic principles.

He added that in addition to the complaint filed in the Ethics Committee, other reasons have been added such as economic and international policy that do not conform to the principles of the AP.

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He stated that it is Executive Secretary Gustavo Parugia, who is in the national leadership, who meets permanently and in the following weeks there will be a national conference to move forward with the restructuring process and appoint new authorities. (I am)

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