Lety Calderón reveals who is supporting her children now that the father is in prison

Lety Calderón reveals who is supporting her children now that the father is in prison

On July 9, 2019, Juan Collado He was arrested and taken to prison for alleged crimes related to organized crime and operations with illicit source resources. Because of the type of charges against him, his accounts were frozen, according to what his wife reported at the time. Yadra Kario.

He has a lawyer who is the father of his two sons Leticia Calderon with the The economic obligations he had towards the palace since his arrest? The actress reveals the whole truth.

“Now it’s all [los gastos de lo que requieren Luciano y Carlo] I suppose that’s how it should be,” Calderon revealed to the media.

Regarding the non-obligation to pay taxes by some public figures, the interpreter of Carmina Ríos de Montero in the telenovela “Bachelorette with Daughters” was sternly warning that “we must all pay taxes in one way or another”. This is not her case, she explained, “I always try to be well organized and fulfill all the requirements as a citizen, whatever you have to do, as a good citizen,”.

Letizia Calderon has made it clear that she is not aware of the controversy arising from the purported letter written by Juan Collado accusing Angelica Rivera, the former first lady of Mexico, of abuse of power, as well as her former partner’s denial of authorship of the said letter. . She prefers to focus her energies on taking care of her children and her professional activities. He concluded, “I have no idea, I’m going to lie to you. The truth is we just arrived on a flight and we haven’t had any contact with any news. I don’t know.”

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