Liberal rules will demand the expulsion of Luis Zelaya at the next conference

Liberal rules will demand the expulsion of Luis Zelaya at the next conference

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

the next day Liberal Party Congress, Party rules will ask for expulsion Presidential candidate Louis ZelayaAnd other members of the Recover Honduras movement, according to the leader of that political institute, Victor Cubas.

In the first place, it is a betrayal, what they did to the party promoting the nominations of other political institutions. Liberalism is angry across the country, yesterday I got countless calls from all departments, from the leadership condemning it. Louis Zelaya’s position on division More for the party, “said Cubas.

He confirmed it the next day Liberal Party Congress They are scheduled to request the expulsion of Luis Zelaya and other close members accompanying him for being “traitors” to liberalism, scheduled for April.

Cubas also stated that they would seek an expulsion Eduardo MartellWho won Run for mayor of Tegucigalpa, While he said that he would be replaced due to the strengthening of the division within the party.

“It’s been promoting for four years Salvador Nasrallah Those are sufficient reasons to dismiss them, leave them immediately, and stop harming the institution. ”

Finally, Victor Cubas argued that the following actions they would take within liberalism are covered in Statute of the Liberal Party. They will also ask Zelaya to account for the political debt funds received by the Anti-Corruption Commission in Lebanon.

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