Liga MX Femenil: How will Apertura 2023 Liguilla be played?

Liga MX Femenil: How will Apertura 2023 Liguilla be played?

the Aperture 2023 league Subordinate Mexican Women’s League It will start this week Best moment of the competitionAfter choosing a state led by the Spanish Pedro Lopez-Take your own First gold medal In some Panamerica Games.

How will the Liga MX Femenil Liguilla be played?

in Quarter-finals he UANL Tigers Spanish coach Milagros Martinez takes first place in the regular stage. He will face the Pumas. The Iberian technical team consists of: Jacqueline Ovalle, Annika Rodriguez, Greta Espinosa And Alexia Delgadowho attended Santiago.

the Eagles Champions From the Spanish strategist Angel Villacampawhich ended in The second step of the tableThey will face each other in one of the most engaging series ever pachuca gophers, Led by the Spanish world champion Jennifer Hermoso.

he America also brought many players to SantiagoAmong them is the top scorer Kiana Palacios, Natalia Molyon And Kimberly Rodriguez; by Gophers were featured in the Charlene Coral GalleryThe Pichichi in the 2017-2018 season in Spain.

Another duel of Quarter-finals It will be one of Chivas del Guadalajara For the Argentine coach Antonio Spinelli And the Toluca; In Chivas it stands out Alicia Cervantesone of the best artillery From the Spanish coach’s team.

The last meeting will be for Rayadas Monterrey vs. Tijuana. In the The striped one stands out in Rebecca Bernal’s middlegoal scorer Winning the Pan American FinalAnd goalkeeper Alejandria Godinez.

The regular phase of the inaugural tournament concluded on Monday with a goalless draw between the two teams Queretaro And the Mazatlanwhere nothing was at stake.

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