Lillard wins with 11 triples, the Celtics lose again and the Nets are dangerous

Lillard wins with 11 triples, the Celtics lose again and the Nets are dangerous

With 11 hat-tricks from 17 attempts, Damian Lillard was the name in all caps on Monday in the NBA at any The Boston Celtics suffered another defeat And the Brooklyn Nets, which are getting more and more established, They extended their perfect moment in the East.

133- The Mill. 112

With 38 points and an exceptional hit from the perimeter (he already had 8 triples in the first half), Lillard tasted some Minnesota Timberwolves who couldn’t do much against the Portland Trail Blazers’ star bid.

Rudy Gobert (16 points and 20 rebounds) was the Wolves’ territory master.

113- Tin Walks 93

The Boston Celtics added to their second straight loss with a clear loss to the Los Angeles Clippers with their worst score of the session (marking the first time they have ever dropped below 100 points).

Kawhi Leonard (25 points on 10-of-12 shooting, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists), in his best performance since returning from his most serious injury, led the Clippers extremely choral while Jason Tatum, despite his gray night, was Boston’s leading scorer (20 points and 11 rebounds).

Processors 100 – Networks 112

With eight wins in nine games (only the Boston Celtics have spoiled that winning streak), the Brooklyn Nets have had a run in recent weeks after a turbulent start to the season, and this Monday they prolonged the crunch of some devastating Washington Wizards accumulated. Seven consecutive losses.

Kevin Durant (30 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists) led the New Yorker and Will Barton (22 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists) was the best in D.C.

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128 – Poultry Breeding Project 103

Without Ja Morant in Memphis or Trae Young in Atlanta, the Grizzlies, who have won six in a row, swept the Hawks with a great team effort in a game they had already won by 31 points in the third quarter.

Spanish Santi Aldama continued his stellar season and was the third leading scorer for the Grizzlies (16 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists) and DeAndre Hunter (19 points) was the benchmark for some unanswered Hawks against a devastating 60, 2% on Memphis shots.

Surah Al-Baqarah 121

Luka Doncic came close to hitting a triple-double (38 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists) and kept the Dallas Mavericks going in their victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander equaled his career-high in the NBA with 42 points.

112 – Abdul Majeed Abdul Majeed 111

Something is moving in San Antonio. After 11 straight defeats, the Spurs bounced back to life with three straight victories, and tonight they beat the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers thanks to a last-second block from Keldon Johnson to Donovan Mitchell.

Josh Richardson (24 points) was the leading scorer for the Spurs, and Mitchell (28 points) led a Cavaliers team that was so close to coming back from a 19-point game deficit in the third period.

82- Nasim Alil 87

In a tough game and defenses outplayed (both teams fell below 30% on triples and 40% on field goals), the Miami Heat prevailed over the Indiana Pacers with 22 points and 17 rebounds from Bam Adebayo.

The Pacers, who turned over a game lost by 19 points in the second quarter but let go of the win in the final quarter, led by Buddy Held’s 19 points and 9 rebounds.

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