Lionel on intent to vote against Abenader: ‘The gap is narrowing’

Lionel on intent to vote against Abenader: ‘The gap is narrowing’

The former President of the Republic, Lionel Fernandez, confirmed, on Wednesday, that the difference in the intention to vote for the upcoming presidential elections between him and the current President Luis Abenader, “is narrowing.”

This was stated by the former president during the luncheon of the Corripio Media Group, stating that according to surveys, the advantage of Abinader is between 8 and 12%.

“today The intention of the president of the republic ranges between 39% and 42%has an advantage of 49, In our case (it is) between 30 and 34%He explained that the gap is narrowing.

However, Abenader confirmed it unscheduled If he chooses a second term


Likewise, Lipp went back on the constitutional amendment proposed by the government, claiming that it was “not known exactly” what the ruling party was looking for, stressing again that the constitution grants autonomy to the Public Prosecution Office.

One does not know exactly what the president wants from constitutional reformHe insisted that he wanted a reform that would guarantee the independence of the Public Prosecution Office, that was said.”

about this too repeat The Constitution of the Republic already grants functional, administrative and operational autonomy to this prosecutorial body.

On the topic that the president chooses the attorney general, Fernandez pointed out This is because the historical constitutional model assumed by the state is that of the United States, France and Spain.where the maximum number of the executive authority is the person who appoints the person who occupies this position, stressing that the judicial entities enjoy independence in those countries.

He said that if it is about anti-corruption protection, what can be done is for the deputy prosecutor in charge of Pepca to be appointed by the Public Prosecution Council, and there the goal is obtained without the need to amend the constitution. from the country.

Likewise, highlight it There are still 90 laws that must be known and approved by the National Congress which would enhance Magna Carta, and advocate that the constitution be “consolidated over time”.

“Let’s go with the parts… You don’t change the constitution every four years“It needs stability,” said the head of the popular force.

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