Lionel speaks today to assess President Abenader’s first year in office

Lionel speaks today to assess President Abenader’s first year in office

Santo Domingo, RD

Former President Lionel Fernandez will speak today at 8pm to establish his position in the first year of President Luis Abenader’s administration.

According to his press team, the leader of the opposition Fuerza del Pueblo party will speak via a radio and television network, the channels of which will be published later.

He explained that the letter will not be a “reaction” to the letter, but rather a “general evaluation” of all the actions and measures that Abenader has taken since August 16, 2020 until now.

Likewise, he specified that Fernandez will be more concerned with the political, social, economic and health situations affecting the country, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last Wednesday night, Abenader gave a speech evaluating his first year in the position. The Dominican Liberation Party on Thursday morning strongly criticized the head of state’s speech.


The opposition organization pointed out that during twelve months, about 300 thousand Dominicans fell into the cycle of poverty due to the mismanagement of Abenader with the high prices of basic necessities.

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