List of seized vehicles in the discovery process

List of seized vehicles in the discovery process

The Public Prosecution issued a list of the vehicles seized in the exploration process. Among the high-end models is the Tesla X100D.

This is a list of the vehicles captured in the discovery process

  • Land Rover Range Rover model, white color, year 2015, G panel 428976 chassis
  • Tesla, model X100D, white, year 2018, display plate number X712331, chassis
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE-43 AMG model, blue color, plate number G395045.
  • Toyota, 4Runner SR5 4×2 model, gray, plate number G332219 5, Jeep Grand Cherokee model year 2014 Chassis 1C4RJFAG1EC544712 ​​G503838.
  • Kia K5 model, A744512 7 plate, Jeep Land Rover brand, Range Rover Evoque model, year 2016, white color, plate number. G560137, Chassis No.. SALVP2BGXGH081245.
  • Honda Civic Brown Dish A751337.
  • Honda CR-V EX 4X2 in red color with number plate. G551681, FARW1H55JE01480.
  • Kia Forte model, white color, chassis number KNAFT41BEBA003927.
  • Jeep brand Jeep model Grand Cherokee red plate G398943.
  • Kia Model K5 Year 2013 Plate A783206.
  • 2015 Jeep Chevrolet Equinox Brand Gray License Plate G484284.
  • Honda Jeep CRV Touring 4WD, White, Year 2017, License Plate G502414, Chassis 5J6RW2H98HL037015.
  • Hyundai Sonata Y20 A807170 license plate.
  • Toyota Avalon with plate A751213.
  • Hyundai Sonata Y20 A865329 License Plate
  • BMW A898100 dashboard.
  • G501639 pocket plate.
  • G519844 pocket plate.
  • Acura A910852 white plate.
  • Kia K5 Dashboard A833152 Black Color Year 2014.
  • Mercedes-Benz C300 2016 year white color plate A888165.

The Public Prosecution Prove that the criminal network seized during discovery process He could have deceived the victims About $100 million.

On Monday afternoon, knowledge of coercive measures was estimated against 38 involved in a powerful cybercrime network. However, room restrictions forced the law to be postponed for Monday 14th to more than 11am.

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