List of Sovereign Awards 2021 Winners

List of Sovereign Awards 2021 Winners

Many artists won two Soprano Awards on Tuesday night, including Hector Acosta, El Alpha, Jocchi Santos, Manny Cruz and Elvis Martinez. Urban Rose Maria was chosen as this year’s manifestation. Many of the winners were not announced during the exhibition and are not included here, pending on the official Acrode list.


– Soloist of the Year: Manny Cruise

– Event of the Year: “Morisosando”, Gabriel Pagan

– Breakthrough Artist: La Rose Maria

– 2019 collaboration: “Millionaire”, Romeo Santos and Elvis Martinez.

– 2020 collaboration: “El Jutero”, Simbala and Bullin47.

– Merengue of 2019: “Light for my feet”, Juan Luis Guerrero.

– Merengue of 2020: “Santo Domingo”, Manny Cruise

– Streaming Concert of the Year: “El Torito Mundial”, Hector Acosta (Rene Priya).
– Pachadero of the Year: Elvis Martinez.

– 2019 Pachatta: “The kiss I never gave him”, Romeo Santos ft. Kiko Rodriguez.

– General Group of the Year: Banda Real.

– Urban of 2019: El Alpha.

– Urban of 2020: El Alpha.

– Meringue Band of the Year: Hector Acosta.

– Salsaro of the Year: Yio Sarande.


– Digital program: “El Show de Silvio Mora”.

– Regional Entertainment Program: “Bhuvana Noch”, Nelson Javier.

– Weekly Variety Magazine for 2019 and 2020: “It’s still in its infancy” (Antenna Latin).

– Television Entertainment: Carolyn Aquino.

– Comedian of the Year 2019: Raymond Poso.

– Comedian of the Year 2020: Fosto Mata.

– YouTuber of the Year: Santiago Matthias.

– Daily Type Project 2019: “Afternoon Show”, Ivan Ruiz, Color Vision.

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– 2020 Daily Type Project: “Afternoon Show”, Color Vision.

-TV presenter: Nahioni Reyes.

– Comedy Project: “El Show de Ramon y Miguel” (Color Vision).

– Seasonal Plan: “Dominican Got Talents”.

– Cinematography: “Poppy” directed by Nolia Quintero.

– Film Director 2019: Natalia Cabral and Orion Estrada (“Miriam Lies”).

– 2020 Film Director: Hector Valdes (“Malpaso”).

– Cinematographer Comedy: “La Barberia” (Vadis Jacques).

– Theater Production: “Jesus Christ Superstar”, Amari Sanchez.

– 2019 play: “La Magdalena”.

– 2020 play: “Combo”.

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