LIVE: Motagua and Olympia tied in controversial classic at The National

LIVE: Motagua and Olympia tied in controversial classic at The National

Motagua and Olympia tied 1-1 in the first thrilling duel of their series in the semi-finals of Torneo Clausura 2022, at Chelato Uclés National Stadium.

Leon gave the first shot in the 22nd minute. Carlos Pineda’s superb statement to Michele Cherinos, he dropped the ball alone in the area and fired his powerful right hand that defeated Marlon Lecona.

Blue Cyclone responded immediately. In the 24th minute, Marcelo Santos raised the cross, and Roberto Moreira called Popcorn and beat Edric Menjivar.

Controversy was present in the match at 33′, Justin Arboleda beat Marlon Lecona, who made a poor start, and the ball ended at the bottom after a Colombian header, but referee Said Martinez canceled the Olympic goal due to a lack of – a mistake by the goalkeeper.

Address lines:

Motagua: 25. Marlon Lecona, 12. Raul Marcelo Santos, 3. Carlos Melendez, 2. Denel Maldonado, 17. Wesley Decas, 16. Hector Castellanos, 32. Jonathan Nunez, 23. Juan Angel Delgado, 22. Jesse Moncada, 7. Ivan Lopez and 21. Roberto Moreira.

Coach: Hernan city (Argentina).

Olympia: 1 – Edric Mengevar; 6. Brian Bekeles, 4. Jose Garcia, 17. Jonathan Paz, 16. Jonny Leveron; 32. Carlos Pineda, 14. Bunic Garcia, 15. Edwin Rodriguez, 33. Michele Chirinos; 19. Justin Grove and 27. Jerry Bengston.

Coach: Pablo Lavalin (Argentina).

the reviewer: Said Martinez, Walter Lopez, and Juan Carlos Otero.

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