Live updates when Kamala Harris and Mike Pence go live

Live updates when Kamala Harris and Mike Pence go live

TheThere have been some very emotional moments of debate during the question of foreign policy.

“President Trump has unleashed the US military, our armed forces have destroyed the ISIS caliphate and overthrew their leader al-Baghdadi without a single US accident,” Mr Pence said of the Trump administration’s record against ISIS.

Mr Pence notes that the parents of Kayla Mல்லller, one of al-Baghdadi’s American prisoners, are in the audience as his guests tonight.

“Today, two of the ISIS killers responsible for his murder have been brought to justice in the United States,” he says. “The truth is, when Joe Biden was vice president, we had a chance to save Kayla M முller … they hesitated for a month. Her family says it broke the heart of every American they believe would have been alive today if President Trump had been president.

Ms Harris responded directly to M முller’s family: “I’m so sorry, what happened to her was so bad it should never have happened. Ms Harris then takes the lead in speaking out against Mr. Trump’s verbal slander against the U.S. military.” , “He says.

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