Livia Brito shows off the video in a white bikini on the beach

Livia Brito shows off the video in a white bikini on the beach

With one of the most flirtatious videos shared by the Cuban actress Livia Brito, once again, he conquered his followers, wearing a yarn Swimwear Two pieces in white.

You will surely get to know her famous Cuban compatriot Niurka Marcos, because of her projects in famous series A Mexican where he had the opportunity to appear as a hero in several of them.

that it Video share it Livia Brito Through his Instagram stories, where by the way he asked his followers if they wanted him to share photos of that session.

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Later flirtatious actress Of Cuban descent he will share these photos through his Instagram feed strictly.

Despite the fact that the video he shared is against the light, his character can be perfectly appreciated, especially thanks to the little white swimsuit in which he was playing with the sea waves.

From the beach or wherever else Livia Prieto will always surprise her fans | Instagram @liviabritopes

In addition to these two cute little pieces, Livia also wore a white cape just like the swimwear she’s wearing, this one tied in the front at the top with two small straps.

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While playing with the waves a little bit with small kicks, the shape of Livia Brito She looked so much sleeker, thanks to her consistent workouts and routine in the gym, you can totally appreciate the results in her slim legs and distinct tummy.

It appears that Brito Pestana is on vacation to enjoy the beach, although it is not known exactly where he is, the closest places to Mexico City where he currently lives are Cancun and Acapulco, or at least the most frequent places for the actress.

Livia Britto as a successful businesswoman

Like the other characters in the middle, the flirtatious Cuban actress has also gotten into the entrepreneurial world and surely on more than one occasion you will see her in her stories or her Instagram feed to promote some girdles.

She herself uses these accessories that helped her distinguish her thin waist, which has become narrower and a distinct tummy.

Certainly when the millions of netizens who follow his Instagram account see the results of this belt, they are sure to think more than once to get the said piece.

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