Los Angeles players were surprised and shocked to learn that Albert Pujols had been withdrawn

Los Angeles players were surprised and shocked to learn that Albert Pujols had been withdrawn

Los Angeles players pointed out on Friday that they were surprised to see Albert Pujols leave the team on Thursday. Mic out He pointed out that everyone was shocked to hear the news.

Angels center fielder Trout said he never expected Pujols to be released until after Wednesday’s game.

Steve Shishek, One of the Angels relievers, told the Trout that night that he saw Pujols hugging his teammates and wondering what was going on. Trout immediately knew something was wrong.

“I’m kind of broken,” Trout said of his reaction to the news, “If I had known he was here the whole time I was here, how could he go on like this. It was hard. They were all shocked the news broke. When the news and we found out, But I think talking to Albert, the competitor with Albert wants to play every day and when he is not playing you can tell he wants to be out with the team because he is a competitor and no matter what his body allows him to do he will find a team that will allow him to play every day Hope you like him out. It’s a difficult situation, but Albert is in a good place. That’s all you can ask. “

Trout was one of the top evaluators who revealed his identity among the majors when he met Pujol in spring training in 2012. A few weeks later, he was called up to the Trout Majors and immediately rose to the ranks of the most powerful players in the world. Play.

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Pujols recognized the greatness of the trout and became a mentor for many years. Pujols was the best player in the game in the 2000s, while Trout established himself as the best player in the game in the 2010s. For almost 10 years, they shared the same clubhouse.

“I can’t thank you enough,” Trout said. “Everything he’s achieved on the field is incredible. It’s incredible that he’s been able to see these Hall of Fame guys passing through the night over the last few years. All of this is great, but he’s a great person, a great team player.

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