Lost in Ceres and the best is yet to come – DiarioSports

Lost in Ceres and the best is yet to come – DiarioSports

In Ceres, San Isidro finished the friendly stage as he fell to the middle of the Argentine Olympico 83 to 81. And on Friday he will appear for the first time in the Argentine league.

The sixth match to prepare for our city team. In Ceres, the red was again measured with Argentina’s central Olympique as happened last Thursday at “Nido”, but this time they lost in a fiercely contested match. This was the last friendly match for the “Saint” before the start of the 2021/2022 Argentine league.

The team led by Daniel Beltramo had to work a lot; He always ran from behind, with a flaw that reached 11 and was raised in the second half. Only in the last quarter did he manage to advance to the front, reaching a very even closing, which was so inclined to the locals.

With segments 19 to 15 in the first quarter, 45 to 39 at the end of the second quarter, 63 to 58, and 83 to 81 to finish. With 36 seconds left, the score was equal to 81 and that of Lancellotti knew how to close it.

San Isidro is already putting his head straight on his season debut. Next Friday, at 9:30 p.m., he will welcome Colon de Santa Fe at the Nido. Also as a local, he will play on Sunday at 9pm against Echagüe de Paraná.

The result of combining the proposition and the opposite:

Central Ceres 83: Pablo Martinez 8, Matias Martinez 21, Jorge Banegas 15, Edgardo Torn 7, Joaquín Baeza 9, Alejandro Spala 15, Lisandro Fernandez 8, Luciano Milastro 0, Bautista Manaeiro 0. DT: Enrique Lancelotti

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San Isidro 81: Santiago Bruno 1, Santiago Assum 16, Jeremias Deuto 0, Milton Vitar 8, Jose Montero 13, Juan Cruz Oberto 16, Emilio Stuci 12, Jeronimo Soni 0, Gonzalo Romero 13 and Federico Zizolar 2, Salomon 0. DT: Daniel Beltramo.

partial: Central 19 / San Isidro 15-45 / 39 – 63/58 and 83/81.

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