Luca Borego’s father, Sulta La Soupal, died

Luca Borego’s father, Sulta La Soupal, died

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Luca Borego’s father, Sulta La Soupal, died

TV presenter Lucho Borego, One of Telemundo’s most beloved faces, is living through the most difficult moment of his life since the death of his father last Friday.

The news was released by the host of the TV show Suida La Sofa, who took her to social media and shared the painful moment she was experiencing.

A Through his Instagram, With a release entitled “The Show Must Continue,” the Colombian animator described the sad news he received throughout the telecast of the Telemundo project, when one of his sisters called him on a business break and it happened.

“I want to tell you that this was one of the most difficult moments of my working life. Shortly before this chat, I got a call from my sister Inaz, who told me that the doctors had not given my father Louise much life (…) at that time. I said goodbye and asked them to put it on the phone even though I was unconscious, “Lucho started inside. Your Instagram message.

“Even though I was told to leave the show, I knew that my dad would not want me to give up half of my responsibilities, so I chose to finish at least this section before saying goodbye to my dad. Seconds later, behind the scenes, despite my self – control, I collapsed … I could not bear my tears, could not continue, and half an hour (…) after the call hung up, he died, “said Borego.

The driver explained that his father’s health was deteriorating.

“Doctors did not give my dad a long lifespan — Boregopapellus … This is something he had prepared in theory, and after the last few days his heart was affected more than usual, touching other vital organs,” he said. Spokesperson.

Lucho also shared an emotional message with his father in which he said he was devastated by his loss, but at the same time said his father wanted to have more special details with him.

“Dad, I never thought it would be so painful for me to say goodbye. But God acted with wisdom and mercy. After all you are my greatest example. I am proud of my criteria for honesty, determination, principles and sense of duty and your legacy, ”Borego said.

“You are not a jewel, you did what you wanted until the last day … but your greatest love is your family. You loved us your way, it prevails in me (…) I love you infinitely, I am sure we will meet, but I I’m going to ask you to give me that long and deep warmth that I have always needed and not done. You gave ”, concluded Lucho.

Lucho Borego is recognized in his native Colombia | Drop The Soup | EntertainmentOfficial video of Telemundo Sulta La Sofa. Our colleague Lucho Borego was honored with the Medal of Merit for his career. Congratulations Lucho! Registration: Suida La Sofa: This is an entertainment show that provides the latest news on what’s happening on and off the lives of celebrities.2019-07-30T22: 21: 27Z

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