Lucero and Mijares’ daughter is now ready for her debut as a singer, thus surprising her fans.

Lucero and Mijares’ daughter is now ready for her debut as a singer, thus surprising her fans.

Daughter of two prominent and talented singers like Lucero and MegaresIt seems that Lucerito is not intimidated by the responsibility to continue his parents’ legacy, because during his first one-on-one interview with the press, before his appearance as an artist, The young singer was calm and calm and answered the reporters’ questions clearly.

The young talent met the press at the airport, where she was very professional and brought them details about them What will your plans and project be in the short, medium and long term?

At only 16 years old, Lucreto is deeply grateful to the thousands of fans of her parents, Who have been an essential part of his career that is just beginning, ever since he felt it Worn and blessed For the support and affection they showed him.

The young artist has already had the opportunity to share the stage with her parents. Photo: Instragam

The greatest secret of your success: the wisdom of your parents

Although his artistic career has only just begun Lucero Megares is She is very confident in herself and confident that success will accompany her because she has confirmed that her parents have shared much of the wisdom they gained after decades of working in the environment:

Among the most inscribed on the young artist is the fact that they do not take into account the comments made about her, regardless of whether they are good or bad, because sometimes they cause more harm. Besides always being humble, simple and never looking to be a heroWell, it’s his talent that speaks up and not the other circumstances.

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In regards to actually being on stage with his parents, Lucerito said it was a privilege, because a lot of the time she doesn’t get a chance to sing alongside them because of how she feels The happiest person in the world.

On previous occasions, the talented young woman showed that she not only ventures into the world of art as the daughter of two great personalities, but also thinks about shine based on her own merits. Well, he’s already shown that he’s singing, Which is why fans are already looking forward to his professional release.

Lucerito seeks to shine with his own light. Photo: Private


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