Ludwika Ballita’s son introduces his girlfriend and celebrates 3 months of dating

Ludwika Ballita’s son introduces his girlfriend and celebrates 3 months of dating

Nicholas Home, Son Ludwik painting s Plutarch Hazaa live one of The best stage of his life It was after confinement that the firstborn actress, solemnly threw himself into the music, even for the first time “trans”, His first single.

theme that this July 19, became the background song for The post that his girlfriendyoung actress Juliana D’Souza, He was shouting his love for the four winds.

And not only that, but to celebrate too Three months of relationshipThis time, it was Nicholas who posted a file A picture of both on their profile From Instagram with the caption “3 By your side I love you @yulianannadesouza”.

This was the photo with which they first appeared in the networks:

Juliana For his part, he responded tenderly, And those who lack love. I love you so much, you are everything ”, And because this wonderful scene could not end better, Bakr attacked the actress with “I love you my dear”, Accompanied by several pink hearts.

this was The official appearance of the couple in the networks, who celebrated followers of both. even in Maria Ibarra Balletta, cousin of Nicholas and daughter of Dominica Balletta Celebrate the announcement with many emojis with little heart eyes.

Everything seems to point to that youth relationship It’s very dangerous and they have no problem when it comes to it Show your love in networks, Just the same thing that was used before Promotion of young music work, but since he was shot, he has done nothing more than share messages intended for Yulianna. Long live the bride and groom!

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Ludwika Ballita's son introduces his best friend's girlfriend

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