Luis Diaz: Praise be to Jamie Carragher in Liverpool | Colombians abroad

Luis Diaz: Praise be to Jamie Carragher in Liverpool |  Colombians abroad

Jurgen Klopp’s seventh season at Liverpool has not been easy at all. Germany’s seventh year brings back bad memories, but for now, no ghost has emerged to end his beautiful saga that he reaped at Anfield from 2015 to the current year 2022.

The Premier League has been complicated, really complicated for Jurgen Klopp and his team. Before facing Arsenal, who occupies the top spot, Liverpool appears in tenth place, far from the first positions, and in an unusual scenario for the “Reds”. However, there are players who can be saved, and even more so because the situation in the Champions League is completely different.

In the Champions League, they hope to certify their form in that competition when they visit the Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow Rangers on Wednesday 12 October. It will be a chance to wait for Napoli to falter and stay top of their group.

One of the best players who revolutionized the attack was Luis Fernando Diaz Marulanda who has established himself as one of the prominent and important players in the team. Legend Jimmy Carragher is back again to talk about Guajiro’s good moment. As for CBS Sports, the former center back said, “Luis Diaz was great again,” referring to the game he played against Rangers.

He added: “Diaz again we talked about the absence of Liverpool (Sadio) Mane. But they brought him in, which is great.” Without a doubt, he was by far the most important, revolutionizing Liverpool with four goals and two assists over the course of the season.

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Liverpool needs to win units in the English Premier League, as it is going through difficult weeks, first against Arsenal, and secondly against Manchester City. In return, he will have to watch West Ham, Nottingham Forest and Leeds. He will also have to face Rangers and Ajax. Luis Diaz to motivate the Reds in the future.

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