Luis Zelaya praises the alliance between Salvador Nasrallah and Bennu

Luis Zelaya praises the alliance between Salvador Nasrallah and Bennu

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. –Liberal Louis Zelaya Congratulation Salvador Nasrallah s Doris Gutierrez to Alliance seal “Decent” for the “good of the nation.”

The former presidential candidate shared, on social media, a picture of the television master and the president of the Bennu party, while participating in a rally by the party’s supporters. El Salvador Honduras Party (PSH) to protest against the merger of JRVs.

“I congratulate Salvador Nasrallah and Benno on establishing a” proper “coalition in the interest of the country, now for the struggle for full representation in the polling stations and for national and international control of corruption. CNE. In fair elections we remove the corrupt from power, “reads Zelaya’s letter in full.

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Presenter Salvador Nasrallah announced, Thursday, that he will formalize an alliance with the Innovation and Unity Party (BINO), where he will appear as a presidential candidate and Doris Gutierrez as a presidential candidate.

In addition to the doctor Suyapa Figueroa, President of the College of Medicine of Honduras (CMH), will appear as the first candidate for Vice President Francisco Morazan.

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This announcement was made hours before the Electoral Council launched the call for general elections on November 28.

The deadline for formalizing this kind of agreement ends at 12:00 this Thursday night, regardless of whether the call for general elections took place hours or minutes earlier.

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