Madhu Nicolas: Meet the new girlfriend of salsa singer Marc Anthony | Instagram photos | celebrity | Chica

Madhu Nicolas: Meet the new girlfriend of salsa singer Marc Anthony |  Instagram photos |  celebrity |  Chica

Who is Madhu Nicola? salsero He gave something to talk about during the recent Billboard Awards by introducing his new partner: Madu Nicola. Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband appeared at the party embracing the young woman he kissed in front of the cameras, explaining to the press that he has someone to occupy his heart.

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The Puerto Rican American singer He stole the show at said musical event, but not just because of his presence on stage, but because of the comments generated by the mysterious woman who escorted him to the stadium. Whatsco ScentR from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, United State.

Marc Anthony He stood out among the shows by presenting his new song.Pa ‘there I go“. The He took to the stage and sang for the first time his new song which aims to be a hit of the season.

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However, questions and curiosities have been omitted Nicola’s honeysalsero’s companion, painting. The blonde wore a black dress, and when she posed in front of the paparazzi, she was always very close to the author “live my life“.

Marc Anthony remains present on the music scene. (Photo: AFP)

Who is Madhu Nicola, Marc Anthony’s new husband?

In this way, Marc Anthony’s followers wondered about Biography of Madhu Nicola. But the truth is that there is very little he knows about him Who will the new couple be? from salseroAnd there was someone.

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according to “El Periódico” from SpainYoung Nicola 19 year old brazilian who reside in the United States. After these details, it is no longer known about the woman who is 34 years younger than the artist. It was makeup artist Jimmy Harper who gave the name of Mark’s companion.

What is more, Nicola has nearly 20,000 followers On his official Instagram account, but his photos and posts are saved, so it was not possible to learn more about the profession, lifestyle and other details of Madu Nicola.

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Who are Marc Anthony’s husbands?

Salsero Marc Anthony had romantic relationships with him Mariana Downing, Jessica Lynn Harris and Raffaella Modogno. In addition to this, the singer and Grammy winner has been married three times. his ex-wives Jennifer Lopez, Dianara Torres and Shannon de Lima.

Madhu Nicola pictures on Instagram

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