Make sure the asteroid Psycho is more valuable than the Earth’s overall economy

Make sure the asteroid Psycho is more valuable than the Earth’s overall economy

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Panama’s record prices are at the peak of coffee, geisha, and international flavors

Boquete (Panama), August 7 (EFE) .— Geisha-type coffees, the jewel of specialty bean production in Panama, reached the highest marks in the 25th edition of the international “Best of Panama” which ended this Saturday. To participate in an international auction, which has already set record prices of more than $ 1,000 per pound. Geisha coffee is characterized by a mild flavor with hints of flowers and tropical fruits. It grows in the mountains of the Syrian state of Panamania, on a terrain or in a combination of different microclimates of volcanic soil, which experts say gives it unique properties. In the 25th edition of “Best of Panama” organized by Panama’s Specialty Coffee Association (SCAP in English), a total of 169 volumes are divided into Geisha and Variety varieties – the latter being Bourbon varieties, catuai, typica, pacamara, mokkita, chicho gallo, SL , Among other- and washed or natural depending on the process the grain is subjected to. The winners were selected by 19 judges from the United States, Australia, Bulgaria, China, Japan, Costa Rica, South Korea and Taiwan, and will compete in the electronic auction of the best coffee in Panama on September 22, where SCAP expects to impose a new world record with Geisha, last year for a pound. Reached $ 1,300.50. Panama’s coffee production is small, but the country has found a lucrative place in specialty coffees such as Geisha, which are sold at record prices, especially in Asia and Europe. Victory Geisha, Cafe Gallardo-owned Nukovo Fermented Volume, topped the Natural Geisha category with 94.75 points out of 100, while Issa Priscilla’s Avenger of Flavors category won the Washing Geisha category. Sitten Vega de Amar 93.50 points. Jose Gallardo, who owns the Nugo fermentation block, brewed the coffee at about 30 degrees Celsius for 4 to 5 days, along with other processes, giving it a sweeter but more complex flavor. Very diverse and interesting acidity from flowers to fruits. For his part, Sitton Vega de Amar said his Avalanche of Flavors volume was harvested in two days and dried under controlled temperature and humidity under strict temperature control. In the National Geisha category, second place went to Black Jaguar Natural Limited with 93.25 points, followed by Tessie and Radifor Hartmann, and third place went to Esmeralda Special Jaramillo Geisha Natural Patch, from the Peterson family, with 93 points. In the Geisha Washet category, second place went to Nukuo Pulpet block, Cafe Gallardo with 93.50 points, and third place to the Golden Beetle Geisha Wash Patch, with Tessie and Rottiboard Hartmann, 93 points. In the Natural Variety category, with 93 points, Mama Kota Mokita, a member of the Carido family, took first place; In second place was Emporio Thea Rosida Lot, owned by Graziano Cruz Landero, with 89.25 points; In third place is the Mama Katta Pasamara natural block of the Carido family. In the Washed Variety category, first place went to Santos Pachamara White Stallion, from Santos Cafe Panama, with 89.25 points; In second place was Los Senos Ketuwai with 89 points, from Finca Los Senos; And in third place was the Esmeralda SL-28 El Velo, washed by the Peterson family. SCAP President Daniel Peterson praised the large number of flavors in the variety, noting that there are “innovative varieties, very high scores”. (C) EFE Company

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