Maluma shows his girlfriend as a Christmas gift

Maluma shows his girlfriend as a Christmas gift

handsome last night singer Maluma He flaunts the most amazing Christmas gift by showing himself in love more than ever and enjoying these dates with someone very special to him.

There is no doubt that in these parties birthdaySurprises are around the corner.

And such was the case of Maluma, who did not hesitate to share his arrival with his millions of fans love of his life.

It was via his official Instagram account that the famous reggaeton player shared this emotional moment.

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With a photo in which she appears in front of his luxurious Christmas tree, which was surrounded by various gifts, Maluma did not hesitate to take his girlfriend by the waist and give her a formidable kiss, which was recorded on a beautiful postcard.

That’s how the “Hawaiian” translator, “Thank you, Santa,” was surprised by the arrival of his girlfriend, Susana Gomez.

In addition, in some of his stories, the Colombian shared some details of his upscale and elegant Christmas dinner, which included many sweets, fruit, and an extravagant Christmas decoration.

Finally, in his latest stories, the singer wished a happy holiday to his millions of fans, fans, friends and family.

Merry Christmas, we love you, are healthy, and have a great time with you.”

The photo was shared over 20 hours ago and to date has over 2 million likes from his followers and endless comments wishing him the best.

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On the other hand, until now little or nothing was known about the new relationship of Colombian singer Maluma.

However, she’s already had a face for several months, and in fact, it was she herself who decided to unleash it and that’s why she posted a series of photos through her social channels.

The truth is that he has nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend Natalia Barlich, because she is undoubtedly a completely different, drastic but a lot of change in her style.

It should be noted that Susana is far from the image of a famous girlfriend, because she is an architect and does not devote herself to any artistic profession, and the Colombian singer undoubtedly liked her to take the next step, since it is likely that in this way you feel better in your relationship.

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