Maluma's daughter was born in controversy

Maluma's daughter was born in controversy

is an actual fact Maluma And his girlfriend Susana Gomez They became the parents of a baby girl to be named Paris. However, what appears to be a special moment for the couple has been marred by a claim from a lawyer Angelica Monsalve GaviriaHe promises that he will not be able to see his newborn grandson as he is in the same hospital as the translator's partner in “Happy the 4th”.

“I could not see my grandson. Piero, was born at the Rosario Clinic in Medellin. My daughter and other mothers were taken out of the waiting room today because Maluma's daughter was born in that clinic,” Monsalve Gaviria condemned on his X account. “Act 100 (Constitutional Right to Health) applies in different ways in this country. Tiered and evolves according to the money you have.”

The lawyer went on to detail what was happening at the said health facility. “Maluma's privacy, who should be a role model, is the reason why some mothers and grandmothers like me today have their children and grandchildren curtailed. , because the right of a famous or rich person takes precedence,” he asserted.

Maluma and her little daughter

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Allegations were leveled not only at the urban musician but also at the hospital. “Healthcare institutions in the service of billionaires harm other citizens who earn their bread every day,” he concluded.

“Yesterday Maluma complained that they did not let him enter a place, and today, because of him, they did not let Angelica see Piero”; “There should be no discriminatory treatment, health is a right, not a privilege of billionaires”; “Totally agree that this is abuse of the singer!”, and “This is unheard of, Maluma closing a clinic for the birth of his daughter, violating the rights of others, this is a huge outrage,” were some of the netizens' comments.

So far, Maluma has not commented on the matter, and it was his girlfriend Susana Gomez who announced the birth of her little daughter in black and white, where the singer can be seen touching the baby's face with hers, precisely, in the aforementioned hospital.

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