Manchester City and PSG are in the best position to take Sergio Ramos … the pros and cons of each option

Manchester City and PSG are in the best position to take Sergio Ramos … the pros and cons of each option

Madrid – Upon departure Sergio Ramos Real Madrid, an interesting scenario opens for the Middle Future, until June 30, Madrid. The fact that they can go to another club for free has sparked their interest in signing up from Bets.

Starting with the player, according to ESPN reports, Ramos will be looking for a successful plan. At least initially. This cuts through the options of many clubs that already want to sign him.

In that sense, Manchester City is the best place to sign Ramos. There is also the city Nathan Ake But Eric Garcia signed for Barcelona, ​​and Aymeric Laporte He could leave Etihad Stadium after a season of losing the title. Ramos ’passion for international experience and immediate performance will get there.

In fact, ESPN reported on May 31 that City had prepared an opportunity for Ramos to leave Real Madrid. The offer, above all, is based on Skyblues’ internal big data records, showing that the 35-year-old Ramos is still a few years ahead of performing at the same level as he was between the ages of 28 and 31.

The good thing about the English preference for Ramos is two things: the competitiveness of the Premier and the fact that he has Cardiola as a coach. The latter is an option, both of which are also rated positively. On the negative side, it is good to test whether Sergio and his family fit in well with a culture that is completely opposed to practice in Spain.

However, the City is not the only option. Paris Saint-Germain has always been. Leonardo felt around Sergio at the start of the season, but he was soon thrown off the hook because it was clear it was impossible to see Ramos on another team. Now a different situation opens up as the Parisians have to do “only” Presnell Kimbe, Who is 25 years old, and Marks, 27, like darts in his defense center. The question in Leonardo’s case is whether to bid for the white player or shoot for a future option Jules CountIts.

For Ramos, the PSG could be a good choice in terms of family environment and Ligu One’s sporting performance, which is much smoother than in the Premier League. The problem may be false, precisely in that advantage: when there is no demand in the French league, when it comes to Europe, the ship is wrecked as it always has been, except when the PSG arrived in last year’s edition, at least until the end in which Phasburn won in Lisbon.

There are several clubs besides the two main options. Chelsea could be an intermediate option between the two as they combine a good place to live in London with a minimum requirement like the Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur will also sound, which is below the rest of the options. We will also see if Liverpool FC can be an option for Sergio after its defense-related issues this year, however he will face the same pros and cons as he decided to move to Manchester, and the desire to play with him. Mohammed Salah This causes problems in the net locker room.

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What is clear is that Sergio Ramos does not respect his return to Sevilla FC, much less crossing the aisle to sign Barcelona. What about Italy? Juventus? This is one of the few options we did not mention, and to date, it is in a very bad state …

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