Manchester United were trapped and lost the Champions League

Manchester United were trapped and lost the Champions League

Manchester, England.

A tired Manchester United did not go beyond a draw at Old Trafford (1-1) against Leicester City and were knocked out of the Premier League Champions League qualifiers that reached their thirtieth day this weekend.

The Ralph Rangnik team, which cannot count Cristiano Ronaldo due to ill health, has only won one of the last four games. This decline is evident in the ‘Reds’, who were thwarted by a highly motivated rival, but anchored in the middle of the table with no goal for the rest of the season.

The damage to United would have been greater. David de Gea, with a couple of decisive games, denied the goal to the ‘foxes’ who scored the second goal canceled by VAR.

Without hope, Manchester tried to take control, which did not bother Caspar Schmeichel.

Only the crowd shook in the last half hour. Leicester took the lead in the 63rd minute when James Madison’s pass was deflected by Nigerian player Kelechi Ihenacho.

United responded immediately and found the balance four minutes later. A shot from Marcus Rashford a few minutes ago was neutralized by Schmeicher from the edge of the box, but his permission was used by Brazilian Fred, who took the ball into the net.

$! Fred tied Manchester United 1-1.

Leicester can win. Wesley tested Fopana’s Hetter de Cav, who made an excellent save. Madison’s goal then invalidated the VAR.

Point Manchester United are sixth, Arsenal three behind, fourth and two fewer games away. Leicester is in ninth place.

$!  Marcus Rashford mourns after getting a chance against Leicester.

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