Maplestory Black Heaven Rewards: Unveiling the Riches of MapleStory’s Exciting Expansion

Maplestory Black Heaven Rewards: Unveiling the Riches of MapleStory’s Exciting Expansion

Maplestory Black Heaven Reward is a popular 2D side-scrolling MMORPG developed by the South Korean company Wizet and published by various companies, including Nexon. Launched in 2003, the game has evolved over the years, with multiple updates and expansions to keep players engaged. One of the most notable expansions is the Black Heaven storyline, which was released in 2015.

Black Heaven is a significant update that introduced a new storyline, new areas, new bosses, and various other features, such as the Blockbuster system. The Blockbuster system allows players to experience a more immersive and engaging storyline with improved cutscenes, dialogues, and gameplay. The Black Heaven storyline is divided into six Acts, with each Act offering various challenges, tasks, and rewards. In this summary, we will discuss the rewards that players can obtain by participating in and completing the Black Heaven storyline.

  1. Experience Points (EXP) As with any content in MapleStory, players will receive experience points (EXP) for completing quests, killing monsters, and progressing through the Black Heaven storyline. These experience points help players level up their characters, unlock new skills, and improve their overall power.
  2. Storyline Completion Rewards Upon completing each Act of the Black Heaven storyline, players will receive various rewards, including consumables, equipment, and mesos (the in-game currency). Some notable rewards are as follows:
  • Act 1: Black Heaven Support Box, which contains various consumables, such as potions and buff items.
  • Act 2: A Special Medal, “Hero of the Conference,” which can be equipped to display the player’s achievement.
  • Act 3: Black Heaven Act 3 Chair, a unique chair that allows players to sit and recover HP/MP.
  • Act 4: A powerful weapon known as the ‘Black Heaven Buster,’ which can be equipped by players of level 120 and above.
  • Act 5: A Black Heaven Support Box containing various consumables and a unique title, “Gelimer’s Bane.”
  • Act 6: A unique hat called ‘Black Heaven Master,’ which provides various stat boosts, and a title, “Liberator of the Skies.”
  1. Boss Rewards Black Heaven introduces new bosses, such as Lotus and Damien. Defeating these bosses provides players with an opportunity to obtain powerful equipment and other rewards. For example, defeating Lotus can reward players with Absolab equipment, which is considered high-tier equipment that can be equipped at level 160 and above. This equipment provides significant stat boosts and set effects, which can improve a player’s performance in battles.
  2. Monster Collection The Monster Collection system in MapleStory allows players to collect monster cards by defeating monsters throughout the game. Black Heaven introduces new monsters, allowing players to expand their collections and receive additional rewards such as reward points, EXP, and various consumables.
  3. Character Growth and Skill Advancement By participating in the Black Heaven storyline, players will not only gain experience points and equipment but also develop their characters and unlock new skills. As players progress through the story, they will face new challenges that require them to improve their characters’ abilities and learn how to utilize their skills effectively.
  4. Exploration and Map Mastery The Black Heaven update introduces new areas for players to explore, each with unique maps, monsters, and NPCs. Exploring these new areas and completing quests can help players earn Map Mastery, which provides additional rewards such as titles and mesos.
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In conclusion, the Black Heaven storyline in MapleStory offers a wide range of rewards that can benefit players of all levels. These rewards include experience points, equipment, consumables, titles, and unique cosmetic items. Participating in the Black Heaven content not only provides players with an engaging storyline but also helps them grow Maplestory Black Heaven Reward.

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