Marcelo Ebrard: “The fan who brought alcohol to Qatar is not the image of Mexico”

Marcelo Ebrard: “The fan who brought alcohol to Qatar is not the image of Mexico”

Mexico’s foreign minister called on fans to respect Qatar’s rules and reported that he had not been notified of the investigation into bringing alcohol into the Arab country.

Marcelo Ebrardhead of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Mexico, stated that “the fan who put alcohol in Qatar“Does not represent” an image MexicoI hope it was an isolated case, after a Tricolor follower introduced the virus into the host country with a bottle of alcohol Globalismwhich is not permitted.

“These actions do not qualify us, nor are they our image, Mexico He is known as a happy and respectful people, this kind of thing should not be repeated, because it is not us. in Qatar There’s everything, you can buy it, and you have to respect it.” Marcelo Ebrardhead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the opening ceremony Mexico Center Qatar 2022.

On social networks, a photo of a fan of Mexican national team Put a bottle of alcohol in it Qatar, although it is forbidden. In the video, a person appears entering with an object deemed illegal and managing to pass all security controls, without notifying the authorities.

“It’s the most important thing we have to do, respect another culture, and we always do. This country has received us very warmly, very friendly, and we have to protect our image,” the foreign minister added.

He was also asked if the Qatari government would take any legal action against the Mexican fan who entered with alcohol, to which the Mexican authorities replied that so far they have not been notified of any investigation or action against the person who spread the virus. on social media.

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Alcoholic beverages have become the focus of controversy Qatar 2022Because it is forbidden to sell them in the vicinity of the stadiums, hours after the start of the competition.

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