Margarita and Apple criticize the government’s inaction

Margarita and Apple criticize the government’s inaction

Yesterday, two presidential candidates from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) leveled accusations against the government over the inflation facing the country and the lack of vigilance on the border with Haiti.

Former Vice President Margarita Cedeno said the change government has become “reversed” because the basic food basket has a high cost that can push many families into poverty, while Santiago’s mayor, Abel Martinez, asserts that military control at the border is not enough to stave off the danger coming from Haiti .

Margherita deplores the increases
Dr. Cedeño emphasized that the government of President Luis Abenader has turned into a “reverse change” because the population suffers from high inflation and there are no public policies to prevent it.

The former vice president of the republic stated that for a family of six to eat rice, beans, and chicken a day it needed 500 pesos “when before we had a basic basket of 225 pesos a day,” Cedeño says, and it’s up to her. It is proof that change is reverse.

In an interview with Pablo McKinney on his TV show “McKinney”, by Color Vision, the PLD presidential candidate said the food shortage is exacerbated by “the increase in fuel and electricity, in all basic necessities. We are running 7% inflation.”

a little vigilance
Abel Martinez lamented the lack of vigilance observed at the Comendador border post in Elias Peña, where he said he had noticed the weak military presence and weak inspections to cross from the neighboring country. Martinez said greater security measures are necessary at border posts, ensuring that weaknesses are corrected with facts and not rhetoric to grab the headlines of the moment.

Not many soldiers

We wanted to feel that the situation on the border is very weak, because of the twelve thousand soldiers who are supposed to be stationed in the area, here in Comendador there is less control than usual. Martinez said, after holding political meetings in Baneca, Hondo Valley, Pedro Santana, Juan Santiago and El Comendador.

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