María Corina Machado and Edmundo González open their arms to Chavismo officials and soldiers

María Corina Machado and Edmundo González open their arms to Chavismo officials and soldiers

The leader of Caracas, Maria Corina Machado, and her representative, the unionist opposition candidate Edmundo González Urrutia, do not waste any campaign rally in pursuit of the Chavista votes, after they became dissatisfied with their rival Nicolas Maduro, who is trying to compete. On July 28, he assumed his third term as President of Venezuela.

After 25 years in power… The flow of votes for Chavismo has begun to diminish To a minimum of expression, according to surveys, due to satiation, 90% poverty, the destruction of the industrial fabric and the displacement of nearly 8 million Venezuelans, and this is what María Corina's strategy seeks to take advantage of.

In her tours at home, as her deputy Edmundo does in Caracas and its environs, the liberal leader excluded by the Chavez regime reaches the heart of the popular sectors and invites officials and public servants to accompany her in his project during government. The United Socialist Party of Venezuela collapses.

In Sanare, Lara state, in the center of the country, María Corina called on Wednesday to “open your arms” to a crowd of people who cheered for her to welcome members of Chavista groups (UBCH), street bosses, public servants and the military. who also suffer from the same problems that everyone else suffers from, But they are afraid to approach the project you are leading.

«This pain made us fight together and understand that these Venezuelans who tried to separate from us, who might be afraid to get close, suffer from the same pain, separated families (…) What I ask of you is that this pain is that element that brings us together and unites us; He explained: “We open our arms so that these Venezuelans come here because they are good and oppressed people, and this project is their project as well.”

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In Maduro's campaign, Diosdado Cabello, his second-in-command, is responsible for the persecution, holding parallel marches and sabotaging the actions of the opposition leader, closing hotels, hostels, restaurants and roadside empanada shops where the dining teams accompanying her are located. In the caravan.

Maria Corina Machado during an election event in Aragua, Venezuela


What Cabello cannot prevent is for the Chavista activists to back down. In the morning they go to Maduro's rally, taking advantage of the gasoline bonus and $50 they received for their participation, and in the afternoon they change out of their red shirts and put on blue shirts to go to Maria Corinna's rally.

In his television program “With the Giving Hammer”, Cabello admitted that the ruling Unified Socialist Party had flaws in attracting voters (1 in 10) when he pointed to the major defection of Chavista guerrillas, for which Maduro criticized him by suspending his program.

Indeed, an important group of former Chavez ministers and senior dissident officials, led by former Finance Minister Rodrigo Cabezas, have spoken out in favor of voting for the opposition candidate for unity, Edmundo Gonzalez.

“Losing one's own agenda and having to follow the agenda of María Corina and Edmundo is evidence of the weakness of the Maduro and Cabello government,” noted former Chavista political scientist Nikmer Evans.

The leader's actions are emotional. Mothers, children and grandparents approach her to touch her and cry over her human tragedy. She consoles them, moved by their promise that after winning the elections there will be “tears of joy.”

Members of the Unified Socialist Party Mural Brigade paint murals for Maduro's re-election campaign in Caracas


Maria Corinna recalls that today no family is completely united because “this was not a coincidence; These people who were in power for 25 years, destroying the country, planned it», he said when referring to the exit.

Moreover, he stated that the pain of separated families “has broken down all the barriers that divided us as Venezuelans and united us in one desire: to bring our children home.”

He pointed out, “We have a lot of votes from the street, but just voting is not enough because we are facing cheating and corrupt people.”

María Corina insists on the formation and registration of “commanditos” to build a 600,000-strong citizen force that will defend the votes on July 28.

In this sense, Maria Corina emphasized that Venezuela needs profound change. “It's not just removing Maduro, which we're going to remove, it goes much further than that; “We will have a new president that we will elect on July 28, and he is Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia.”

A man dressed as a Super Bigot greets children during a Chavista march in support of Maduro


In Kapodari, another town in Lara, the leader repeated: “If you are a public servant, this message is for you. They (the regime) planned this. “They sought to separate our families, but what this pain did was break down all the barriers that separated us.” We have open arms. “This project is for you too!” Shouted.

The duo held their second joint meeting on Friday in the city of Guatier, an hour away from Caracas, amid great focus as Maria Corina and Edmundo reviewed the strengthening of the candidacy of opposition unity that continues until the end, overcoming obstacles.

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