Mario Orozco, former Chivas player and physical trainer for JJ Macías

Mario Orozco, former Chivas player and physical trainer for JJ Macías

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2020 was a nightmare year for Mario Orozco: stayed outside chivasThe epidemic arrived and as if that wasn’t enough, he had a knee problem. Faced with this situation, he had to reinvent himself and found an escape valve in training. This completely turned his life around, as it led him to enter Exathlon Mexico.

However, before entering the program, she started working as a fitness trail One of his first tasks was to do the last part of the preparation Jose Juan Macías Before his departure to Getafe in Spain.

“It was a very important role in my life. I broke my knee, the pandemic came, I was left without a contract in Chivas and the only team that kept paying me all year was Albrigis, I was very grateful to them. The pandemic came, and I said ‘Now what am I going to do?’, So I started to Training; many of my teammates told me I was better than when I played,” he recalls in an interview with Mediotempo“In my training sessions I had several athletes from the first team that I was coach for before I went to Exatlon.

The wolf as it is known Former Chivas Bulletin, worked with JJ Macías, Carlos Cisneros and Miguel Ponce, being one of the elements with whom he shared a team in the lower categories, in addition to his dear friend, Angel Zaldivar.

“I was even working with Jose Juan Macías, Miguel Ponce, with Cisneros, whom I knew because I had time with them when I was Cardoso, even in the past seasons, but the last time I was with Cardoso. They knew I was left out. I started studying functional courses, pharmacology and nutritional supplementsAnd that was when I started encouraging myself to teach, that came later exathlon Now it’s something I want to keep doing, but it’s already in better shape,” he added.

“Everything was very private in their homes, private, and many of them had a gym in their condominiums and we used those gyms, and it all depended on work that wasn’t done in the morning with PF,” he said.

Orozco was born in Colima, and came to Chivas quarry, where he started his career and in 2014 he made his debut in MX . Cup; also played in Coras de Tepic and Alebrijes from Oaxaca and El Zacatepec. His best achievement was the Ascenso MX title with Team Oaxacan in 2019.

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He was supported by many Chivas players

Made his past in Chivas Mario Orozco He received the support of the Guadalajara players as a great friend of his, Angel ZaldivarAnd who encouraged him during his stay at Exatlón.

“Yes, I left (Exatlón) already when they gave me my cell phone, I saw their stories that they support me, even their daughter, with Angel, with (Carlos) Fierro, Choves (Lopez), I have very good communication, I’ve known them since I was very young, and I was Companion to them, they are people I value a lot, with Bear Robin Gonzalez‘, he pointed out.

“El Chelo is a very focused person who has never lost ground since his debut and long before that, and will know how to handle this situation, even dealing with difficult moments or crises in Chivas at some point.

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