Marlon Bijuan from “Vivir del Cuento” asks Isidoro not to “believe everything.”

Marlon Bijuan from “Vivir del Cuento” asks Isidoro not to “believe everything.”

Cuban actor Marlon Bijuan, Isidoro in the comedy “Vivir del Cuento,” wrote a very remarkable message on Twitter at midnight. Many believe that the topic of the moment is the arrival of Luis Silva, Bonfilo and his family in Miami this weekend. This is what he wrote.

Without labeling anyone, or naming facts, the young actor pointed out on the social network Twitter. “Don’t believe everything the networks say,” he smiled in the message with several winking emoticons. All of the users agreed that it was related to yesterday’s impactful news that Silva and his family had arrived in Miami amid a crisis in Cuba, where nearly 200,000 Cubans have emigrated to the United States.

It’s no surprise that Silva is the next in a long list of actors, athletes, doctors and ordinary citizens to come to Miami. But obviously, Bijuan tries to say that Silva is only passing through Miami and not settling down. This was also confirmed by the independent media Cyber ​​Cuba.

CiberCuba confirmed with close sources that they are indeed in Miami, but for walking and shopping, as he had done on previous expeditions. This newsroom tried to contact Silva but, at the time of publishing this note, they have not received a response from the comedian.” It reads On a note.

Luis Silva in Miami

Before Pijuán’s news on social networks about the “suspicious” trip of Luis Silva and family to Miami, many users pointed out that it is necessary to wait a little to see how this confusion will end and whether the comedian stays or not. In America, many expect.

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“What I still don’t believe is what you’re doing here”, “Bad goodbyes are unsaid”, “I hope you don’t look bad…they’re going to throw everything at you” or “Banfilo is leaves, what happens to comedy on TV? My God”, Bijuan said on the release. A few comments.

The news of Luis Silva’s arrival in Miami with his family was first reported by the media “Kupalama”, then others responded, but without confirming that the reason for the visit should be fully resolved. In the course of this day, it is important to see if Luis Silva appears on his social networks and improves his status.

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