Massive blackout at Guantanamo

Massive blackout at Guantanamo

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Sunday, May 7, 2023

This Saturday afternoon there was a massive power outage in the province of Guantanamo.

Amid protests in Kaimanera, officials said the power outage in the province was due to an alleged fault.

“Electricity Company #Guantanamo “Reports of a general blackout affecting the entire province”, takes the note from the local newspaper Venceremos.

“We are informing you that an outage has occurred and all customers in the province are affected. Circuits are being gradually restored at this time. The cause is being investigated and work is underway to fully restore power service soon. Possible. Possible,” they explained.

In a later release, they said electricity service has already been restored.

In the report, they note that the entire province, except for Maisí and Baracoa, was out for more than an hour.

“The technical management of the electricity company informs us that after the reconnection with SEN, the notified circuits will remain disabled as per the schedule of power outages due to voltage shortage, which currently stands at 15 MW.”

They also noted that in the Santiago de Cuba division, there was a fault in the line feeding the province.

Hundreds of Cubans took to the streets chanting “freedom” in the Guantanamo municipality of Caimanera at sunset this Saturday.

After the massive demonstration, users reported internet outages across the country.

“All communication with Cuba has been severed,” they warn.

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