Match Summary: Mazatlán FC vs. Rayados (0-2). goals

Match Summary: Mazatlán FC vs.  Rayados (0-2).  goals

The Rayados added his second straight win It contains Will open in 2023In a clash related to matchday 3, the visitors beat Canoneros de Mazatlán 3-0. MX League.

With 7 points already, the Royals go into the break relaxed At the start of the League Cup, and the Gunneros fell for the first time in the competition, thanks to a double strike for the arrival of Joao Rojas, the match was finally noticed in goal.

Sinaloan team has 2 draws and 2 pointsIt stagnates with Ismael Rescalvo on the bench.

A hot and humid afternoon on the grounds of the Kraken Stadium, An open fight was expected And with attendance.

Mazatlán got out early with 10 runs

Everything was going well, Up to the strikerLuis Amarilla quickly defined the game by sending himself into the game A reckless mistake within the area.

ran Minute 14A corner kick was taken on the right side in favor of Rayados, then the Paraguayan He stepped on Stephen Medina’s faceAnd Penalties are indicated for visitation.

The whistler, Brian Omar Gonzalez, admonished the Mazatlán player, but it was called to VAR. It was decided to evacuate Amarilla at 4 p.m.

The maximum penalty was imposed by Rogelio Funes Mori. He made it to the right side of the local goal, and there he appeared, Hugo Gonzalez, tackle Shot 17′, and keep the tie goalless.

Little by little, Mazatlán settled down, and in the 31′, Jefferson Intriago put a cross into the box which was headed by Miguel Sansoras, who scored with a cross header; Unless the VAR detects a wrong tackle and the goal is disallowed.

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The locals tried again And in 37′, Alan Medina fired a shot past Esteban Andrada’s goal.

Second half starts, Rayados saw Joao Rojas score on 51 runsThe German came to close the clamp on a ball picked up by Berterem, stepped into the area, dropped it and the Ecuadorian got behind to make it 1-0.

The fight continued, and In the final section, Monterrey made the secondWhen Rojas made it 2-0 in the 76′, he ended up with a great goal to kill the local aspirations with a very strong shot.

Mazatlan tried with a deflected shot from Sansours, and in the 89′, Rayados won 3-0.Berterame received a cross from Omar Govia and twice beat Gonzalez for the final score.

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